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How to Acquire a Prebuilt Empire: The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Shopify Store


As one of the top Shopify themes for businesses with extensive product ranges, the Empire Shopify theme stands out with its premium features designed to scale with your e-commerce venture. Priced at $340 for a one-time purchase, it grants lifetime access to its versatile presets, built-in functionalities, and ongoing updates from the Shopify Theme Store. This guide will provide you with an in-depth look at acquiring a Shopify store with the Empire theme, covering everything from its overview, pros and cons, to real-world success stories.

Key Takeaways

  • The Empire Shopify theme is a one-time purchase costing $340, offering lifetime access to multiple presets and future updates.
  • Empire is ideal for stores with large catalogs, featuring layouts and tools that cater to extensive product ranges.
  • The theme includes sales-boosting features and advanced sorting and filtering, reducing the need for third-party apps.
  • Empire may not be suitable for stores with small catalogs and its price is higher compared to other paid Shopify themes.
  • Users can try the Empire theme for free and only pay upon publishing, with access to support and updates post-purchase.

Understanding the Empire Shopify Theme

Empire Shopify Theme: An Overview

The Empire Shopify Theme stands out as a robust solution for e-commerce businesses with extensive product ranges. Its design is inspired by the layouts of top eCommerce marketplaces, offering a structured and user-friendly experience. This theme is particularly advantageous for stores with a large catalog , as it helps customers navigate through a variety of products without feeling overwhelmed.

Empire’s cost is a one-time purchase of $340, granting lifetime access to four presets—Supply, Industrial, Depot, and Graphic—along with all future updates and bug fixes from the Shopify Theme Store. The theme’s value is further underscored by the option to try it for free before committing to purchase.

Empire is purpose-built for large catalog and high-volume stores, featuring live search, advanced filtering, promotion tiles, quick buy, and menu lists.

Empire’s features are not just about aesthetics; they are designed to enhance the shopping experience and boost sales. The theme includes an advanced search bar, stunning mega menu, and various sales-boosting features, which we will explore in more detail in the following sections.

Shopify Empire Theme
Pros and Cons

When considering the Empire Shopify theme, it’s essential to weigh its advantages and drawbacks. Pros include stunning product-focused layouts ideal for stores with extensive catalogs and a variety of sales-driven features that can reduce the need for third-party apps. The theme also offers four flexible presets, catering to different aesthetic preferences.

However, there are Cons to consider as well. The theme’s cost is relatively high compared to other paid Shopify themes, which may be a deterrent for those on a tighter budget. Despite this, the value provided through the theme’s robust feature set and the potential for increased sales may justify the investment for many.


  • Product-focused layouts
  • Sales-driven features
  • Four flexible presets


  • Higher price point

The Empire Shopify theme represents a significant investment, but its comprehensive features and customization options can offer a substantial return for the right user.

Who Should Choose the Empire Shopify Theme?

The Empire Shopify theme is tailored for specific types of online stores. Merchants with extensive product ranges will find its structure ideal for showcasing large catalogs, emulating the feel of major online marketplaces. It’s particularly well-suited for businesses that mirror the operations of Amazon , AliExpress, or eBay.

For those who operate both online and offline, Empire facilitates a seamless integration of in-person sales with e-commerce functionalities. High-volume stores that handle numerous transactions simultaneously will also benefit from the robust capabilities of Empire.

The theme’s design and features are crafted to support the complexities and demands of substantial e-commerce operations, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Below is a list of merchants who would benefit most from choosing the Empire Shopify theme:

  • Retailers with large product inventories
  • Businesses that sell both online and in-person
  • High-transaction volume stores

While Empire offers a plethora of advantages, it may not be the best fit for stores with smaller catalogs or those just starting out, due to its complexity and cost.

Evaluating Empire’s Features and Capabilities

Key Features of the Empire Shopify Theme

The Empire Shopify Theme stands out with its robust feature set designed to accommodate large inventory businesses. Its live search functionality enhances customer experience by providing instant product suggestions as users type. Advanced filtering options allow customers to navigate through extensive product ranges with ease, ensuring they find exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Promotion tiles and quick buy options are strategically placed to drive conversions and improve the shopping experience.
  • The theme’s menu lists feature simplifies site navigation, making it straightforward for customers to explore different categories.

Empire’s design is purpose-built to handle the demands of high-volume stores, ensuring that even the largest catalogs are presented in an organized and accessible manner.

With these capabilities, Empire equips store owners with the tools necessary for a seamless and efficient online retail operation.

Layout Optimization for Large Catalogs

The Empire Shopify theme excels in providing an eye-catching layout for stores with extensive product ranges. Inspired by the layouts of top eCommerce marketplaces, Empire allows for a prominent and neat categorization of products on any page. This is particularly advantageous for stores with a diverse product line , ensuring that customers can navigate through various categories without feeling overwhelmed.

With Empire’s layout optimization, your store can showcase a large catalog efficiently, enhancing the shopping experience for your customers.

Another aspect of layout optimization is the theme’s ability to keep load times fast. Images are automatically optimized using an image CDN, which works in tandem with the theme code to serve the best image format. This is resized and compressed to keep file sizes small, which is crucial for maintaining quick page load times and improving overall web performance.

Empire also includes advanced sort and filter options on catalog pages. Unlike a physical store, online shoppers don’t have sales associates to guide them. The advanced filtering feature becomes invaluable, helping customers find their desired items with ease, even within an extensive inventory that includes a variety of colors, sizes, and prices.

Sales-Boosting Tools and Customizations

The Empire Shopify theme is equipped with a suite of sales-boosting tools and customizations designed to enhance the shopping experience and increase conversions. Key features include post-purchase upsells and automated discounts , which encourage customers to increase their order value.

With the ability to setup automated offers and discount sync, store owners can create targeted promotions that resonate with their audience.

Email marketing capabilities are also integrated, with options for custom email sequencing and optimized email templates. This ensures that communication with customers is consistent and professional, leveraging platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp for maximum reach.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the sales tools available:

  • Post-purchase upsell
  • Automated Discounts
  • Setup Automated Offers
  • Discount Sync
  • Promos for bundles

Analytics and insights are also a critical component, with features such as cohort tracking and A/B testing to help you make data-driven decisions.

Making the Purchase Decision

Cost Analysis: Is Empire Worth the Investment?

When considering the Empire Shopify theme, the investment of $340 for a one-time purchase may seem steep. However, this fee grants you lifetime access to the theme’s four distinct presets—Supply, Industrial, Depot, and Graphic—along with all future updates and bug fixes from the Shopify Theme Store. The value of this investment becomes clear when weighing the long-term benefits against the initial cost.

Empire stands out with its sales-boosting features and layout optimization for large catalogs, which can be pivotal for growing e-commerce businesses. Here’s a quick breakdown of what your investment includes:

  • Lifetime access to the Empire theme
  • Four versatile presets
  • Pre-built layout and features
  • Future updates and bug fixes

While the price is higher compared to other paid Shopify themes, the built-in sales features and product review widgets offer a competitive edge that could justify the expense for many store owners.

Evaluating whether Empire is the right choice for your store involves a careful consideration of your current needs and future growth. Stores with large catalogs or those experiencing rapid growth may find the theme’s cost to be a worthwhile investment for the scalability and professional presentation it offers.

Comparing Empire to Other Premium Shopify Themes

When considering the Empire Shopify Theme , it’s important to weigh its value against other premium options available on the market. Empire stands out with its one-time purchase price of $340 , which grants lifetime access to its features and updates. This contrasts with some themes that require annual renewals or additional costs for updates.

Empire’s pricing includes access to four distinct presets—Supply, Industrial, Depot, and Graphic—catering to a variety of store aesthetics. However, it’s worth noting that Empire may not be the best fit for stores with smaller catalogs, as its design is optimized for larger inventories.

While Empire’s price point is slightly higher than some competitors, the investment could be justified by its comprehensive feature set and the potential for sales growth.

The theme also boasts a 79% positive rating from users, reflecting a strong level of satisfaction among its customer base. Before making a decision, consider the following aspects:

  • The size and growth trajectory of your store
  • The importance of page speed optimization
  • The need for advanced features like a mega menu and enhanced search capabilities
  • The value of sales-boosting tools and customer reviews

Ultimately, the choice of theme should align with your business goals and the specific needs of your Shopify store.

Free Trial and Purchase Process

Embarking on the journey with the Empire Shopify theme begins with a straightforward trial process. Start your exploration by signing up for a free 3-day trial , which can be extended to a full month for just $1. This initial period is crucial for getting hands-on experience with the theme’s features and ensuring it aligns with your business needs.

After the trial, you have the option to subscribe to Shopify’s ‘Basic Shopify’ plan at $39 per month, which includes all the necessary tools to launch a standalone online store. For those ready to commit, purchasing an annual plan grants a generous 25% discount, making it a savvy long-term investment.

The trial and subscription process is designed to be seamless, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your e-commerce empire.

Key Alternatives: Wix, Squarespace, WooCommerce

Offers & Incentives:

  • Post-purchase upsell
  • Automated Discounts
  • Setup Automated Offers
  • Discount Sync
  • Promos for bundles

Analytics & Insights:

  • Cohort Tracking
  • Google Analytics Integrations
  • A/B Testing & Analytics

Email Marketing:

  • Custom Email Sequencing
  • Optimized Email Templates

Leveraging Empire for E-commerce Success

Case Studies: Successful Stores Using Empire

The Empire Shopify Theme has been a game-changer for numerous online stores, enabling them to scale and manage extensive product ranges with ease. Successful brands have harnessed the theme’s robust features to drive growth and customer acquisition .

One such example is MUJI Canada, which has utilized Empire’s layout optimization to effectively showcase their large catalog. Similarly, Lighting Design has capitalized on the theme’s advanced sorting and filtering capabilities to enhance user experience.

  • MUJI Canada
    • Layout optimization for extensive product range
  • Lighting Design
    • Advanced sorting and filtering

The adaptability of Empire to various business needs is evident in the success stories of these brands. The theme’s ability to mimic the functionality of top marketplaces like Amazon has been particularly beneficial for stores with diverse product lines.

Maximizing the Theme’s Potential for Your Store

To fully leverage the Empire Shopify theme for your e-commerce success, it’s crucial to tailor the theme to your store’s unique needs. Customization is key to standing out in a competitive online marketplace. Start by utilizing the theme’s settings, templates, and assets to align the look and feel with your brand identity.

  • Use an up-to-date, optimized Online Store 2.0 theme.
  • Evaluate installed apps and third-party code for value versus performance impact.
  • Focus on high-impact areas like the home page, product pages, and checkout.

In the Theme Customizer, you can locate the checkout template design options under the dropdown in the header. This is where you can make significant changes that enhance the customer’s checkout experience.

Remember to test your customizations extensively. A/B testing can help determine what resonates best with your audience, leading to improved conversion rates. Regularly updating and optimizing your store ensures that you maintain peak performance and customer satisfaction.

Support and Updates Post-Purchase

After investing in the Empire Shopify theme, ongoing support and updates are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Shopify’s dedicated support team is available to assist with any issues that arise, ensuring your store operates smoothly. Regular updates are also provided, keeping the theme secure and adding new features over time.

To maximize the theme’s benefits, it’s important to stay informed about the latest enhancements. For instance, integrating AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell can significantly increase your average order value by presenting customers with tailored upsell and downsell offers. This can be a game-changer for your revenue.

Here’s a quick overview of post-purchase features that can be leveraged with Empire:

  • Post-purchase upsell
  • Automated Discounts
  • Setup Automated Offers
  • Discount Sync
  • Promos for bundles

By staying proactive with support and updates, you can ensure that your Shopify store remains at the forefront of e-commerce innovation, providing an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.


In conclusion, acquiring a prebuilt Shopify store with the Empire theme can be a strategic move for entrepreneurs looking to enter the eCommerce space with a robust platform. The Empire theme, with its one-time purchase cost of $340, offers a suite of features tailored for stores with large catalogs, including four versatile presets, advanced sorting and filtering, and sales-boosting functionalities. While it may come with a higher price tag compared to other themes and may not be suitable for stores with smaller catalogs, its benefits for the right business can be substantial. By understanding the pros and cons, and drawing inspiration from successful Shopify stores using Empire, you can make an informed decision on whether this theme aligns with your business goals. Remember to weigh the investment against the potential for growth and scalability that Empire offers, ensuring your online presence is as commanding as the empires it’s designed to emulate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Empire Shopify theme cost?

The Empire Shopify theme costs $340 for a one-time purchase, granting you lifetime access to the theme’s presets, features, and future updates and bug fixes from the Shopify Theme Store.

What is the Empire Shopify theme?

Empire is a premium Shopify theme designed to emulate the look and functionality of large online marketplaces. It’s optimized for handling large catalogs and includes advanced features such as quick product filtering and mega menus.

Is the Empire theme suitable for all types of stores?

Empire is particularly suitable for stores with large catalogs. It may not be the best choice for stores with smaller product ranges due to its specialized features for handling extensive inventories.

Can I try the Empire Shopify theme before purchasing?

Yes, you can try the Empire theme for free and are only required to pay when you decide to publish it on your Shopify store.

What are the pros and cons of the Empire Shopify theme?

Pros of the Empire theme include stunning layouts for large catalogs, numerous sales-driven features, and four flexible presets. Cons include a higher price compared to other themes, potential need for page speed optimization tools, and it may not be ideal for stores with small catalogs.

Are there any successful stores using the Empire Shopify theme?

Yes, there are successful Shopify stores utilizing the Empire theme, such as MUJI Canada and Lighting Design, which showcase the theme’s capabilities in supporting large-catalog stores.

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