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Top Features to Look for in a Product Recommendation App


Choosing the right product recommendation app for your store can significantly enhance your customers’ shopping experience and boost your sales. With numerous options available in the market, it’s crucial to identify the features that will bring the most value to your business. This article explores the top features to look for when selecting a product recommendation app.

Key Takeaways

  • AI-powered recommendation systems can save time and reduce burnout by automating the tracking of shopper behavior and preferences.
  • Smart product bundles and bundle discounts can increase average order value and drive more sales.
  • Trending product recommendations keep your offerings fresh and relevant to current customer interests.
  • Unlimited customization allows you to tailor the recommendation engine to fit your specific business needs and strategies.
  • Real-time analytics provide valuable insights into customer behavior and the effectiveness of your recommendation strategies.

1. AI-powered recommendation

Leveraging an AI-powered recommendation system will make your work a whole lot easier. An AI-driven recommendation system can analyze the profile of prospects on your site and then smartly suggest products they will likely want to buy. These systems are also capable of tracking trending products on the web and using the data to create smart recommendations.

Product recommendation engines use machine learning to get smarter. If shoppers consistently click on a recommended product in a certain category or continue to buy a certain item, the AI will soon learn that those products are the most popular. In addition, the engines can use previous data to serve personalized recommendations to each individual customer based on the product pages they’ve visited and spent the most time on, as well as their past purchases.

So, before settling for a recommendation app, be sure to check if the app offers intelligent AI-driven recommendation.

2. Smart Product Bundles

Generate Product Bundles

A good recommendation app should be able to create smart product upsell and cross-sell bundles. Group together items that are frequently purchased together and offer a special discount to customers who purchase all items in one transaction. This not only gives customers value but also increases the average order value (AOV).

Show Bestsellers Across Different Categories

Introduce shoppers to new product lines in categories they may not have previously looked at by showcasing a range of bestsellers from across different categories. This helps in making sure recommendations are relevant and timely.

Trending products is probably one of the easiest forms of product recommendation. And it works pretty well. It’s the practice of recommending popular products shoppers are buying or looking for.

A good recommendation app should have the ability to find trending products and suggest them to shoppers. And it should be able to find these products in real time. Recommending products that trended the previous month but have faded off will certainly not add any value to your recommendation campaign.

4. Several Recommendation Types

Frequently Bought Together

Frequently bought together recommendations suggest products that are commonly purchased alongside the item a customer is viewing. This can significantly increase the average order value.

Recently Viewed

Recently viewed recommendations remind customers of products they have previously shown interest in. This can help in re-engaging customers who might have left the site without making a purchase.

Post-Purchase Cross-Sells

Post-purchase cross-sells offer complementary products right after a purchase is made. This is an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction and drive additional sales.

Add-On Recommendations

Add-on recommendations suggest small, complementary items that can be added to the cart. These are usually low-cost items that enhance the main product.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized recommendations use customer data to suggest products tailored to individual preferences. This type of recommendation is highly effective in increasing conversion rates.

People Also Viewed

People also viewed recommendations show products that other customers have looked at. This leverages social proof to encourage purchases.

The more recommendation types the app can create, the better your chances of converting visitors into shoppers.

Blended Recommendations

Blended recommendations combine different types of suggestions, such as personalized and crowdsourced recommendations, to provide variety and maximize conversion potential.

5. Smart Bundle Discounts

Another important feature a good recommendation app should have is the ability to create smart bundle discounts for upsells and cross-sells.

Why is this important?

More often than not, shoppers don’t respond to upsell and cross-sell offers unless you motivate them. And the best form of motivation that gets their attention any day any time is with discounts.

Types of Smart Bundle Discounts

  1. Frequently Bought Together : Group together items that are frequently purchased together and offer a special discount to customers who purchase all items in one transaction.
  2. Recently Viewed: Offer discounts on items that the customer has recently viewed to encourage them to complete the purchase.
  3. Post-Purchase Cross-Sells: After a purchase, suggest complementary products at a discounted rate.
  4. Add-On Recommendations: Provide discounts on add-on items that enhance the main product.
  5. Personalized Recommendations: Leverage data for tailored experiences and offer discounts on products that are specifically recommended for the customer.

Benefits of Smart Bundle Discounts

  • Increased Average Order Value (AOV) : By offering discounts on bundles, customers are more likely to purchase multiple items, increasing the overall order value.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Smart bundle discounts provide value to customers, making their shopping experience more enjoyable and efficient.
  • Improved Customer Retention: Implementing personalized recommendations for customer retention can lead to repeat purchases and long-term loyalty.

With the rise of subscription models in e-commerce, crafting targeted discount campaigns is essential for staying competitive in the market.

6. Unlimited customization

Flexibility in Layout and Functionality

Marketers need the flexibility to alter, change, and customize the layout and functionality of every widget. Look for a product recommendation engine that allows you to incorporate tests and personalization tactics that position recommendations in different areas of the page and site for different audiences. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor the shopping experience to every visitor type.

Custom Recommendation Rules

A good recommendation app should let you add your own recommendation rules and display products where you want. This means you can create highly personalized shopping experiences that cater to the unique preferences of your audience.

Personalization Examples

  • Inspiration Library: Personalization examples from real brands
  • Personalization Maturity: How global businesses prioritize personalization
  • Guides & Reports: Comprehensive topic-specific materials
  • Benchmarks: Industry performance metrics and insights

Control Features

  • Highly flexible control features, allowing you to change, adjust, and deploy recommendations easily

Unlimited customization is another must-have feature of a good recommendation app for Shopify. This means the app should let you add your own recommendation rules and display products where you want.

7. A/B testing

A/B testing is essential for understanding which recommendation strategy works best. It allows you to refine and increase the impact of every campaign in real-time, identifying key insights and learnings for the long-term. Incorporating different merchandising rules will further enhance your experimentation capabilities, allowing you to identify key opportunities for revenue generation.

Benefits of A/B Testing

  • Improves conversion rates
  • Uplifts sales
  • Eliminates guesswork

Customization and Real-Time Changes

The app should let you customize your recommendation logic and flow to fit the unique needs of your store. Plus, it should allow you to make changes across channels in real-time.

Continuous Optimization

Your product recommendations engine isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it function. Add it to your testing regimen for conversion optimization. The more you tweak and measure it, the better your results will be.

A/B testing different recommendation strategies will come in handy when looking to understand which recommendation strategy is working best. It will allow you to refine and increase the impact of every campaign in real-time and identify key insights and learnings for the long-term.

8. Robust collaborative filtering

Collaborative filtering is a powerful tool for personalizing your e-commerce experience for customers . At its core, it works by collecting preferences or taste information from many users, allowing the system to make recommendations based on similar user behaviors. This method can fuel both item-to-item and personalized recommendations.

Item-to-Item Collaborative Filtering

Item-to-item collaborative filtering determines the similarity of two products by analyzing how often they appear together in users’ browsing or purchase histories. This method was pioneered by Amazon and has proven to be one of the best-performing recommendation logics.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized recommendations take collaborative filtering a step further by tailoring suggestions to individual users based on their unique preferences and behaviors. This enhances e-commerce with personalized recommendations, making the shopping experience more engaging and relevant.

Hybrid Methods

A hybrid method combines content-based and collaborative-based approaches to offer more accurate recommendations. For example, Spotify uses a hybrid filtering system to curate its playlists, blending group decisions with individual user attributes.

Robust collaborative filtering can significantly improve user experience by providing relevant and personalized product suggestions, ultimately driving higher engagement and sales.

9. Easy to use interface

Intuitive Design

A product recommendation app should have a highly intuitive interface that allows users to navigate effortlessly. A clean and modern-looking dashboard can significantly enhance user experience, making it easy to implement and manage recommendations.

Visual Editor

A very visual, easy-to-use recommender box editor is essential. This feature allows users to create and adjust recommendation boxes without needing extensive technical knowledge.

Multi-Channel Integration

The app should support multi-channel integration, enabling product recommendations across various platforms such as websites, emails, and mobile apps. This ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers.

Real-Time Personalization

Real-time personalization of the shopping experience can lead to higher profits. The app should be capable of adjusting recommendations on the fly based on user behavior and preferences.

An easy-to-use interface is not just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality and efficiency. A well-designed interface can make the difference between a good and a great product recommendation app.

10. Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics is a crucial feature in any product recommendation app. It allows businesses to monitor and analyze the performance of their recommendations as they happen, providing immediate insights and enabling quick adjustments to strategies.

Immediate Insights

With real-time analytics, businesses can gain immediate insights into how their recommendations are performing. This includes understanding which products are being recommended most frequently and which ones are leading to conversions.

Performance Monitoring

Real-time analytics also facilitates continuous performance monitoring. This means businesses can track key metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and customer engagement in real-time. This level of monitoring helps in making data-driven decisions swiftly.

Quick Adjustments

One of the significant advantages of real-time analytics is the ability to make quick adjustments. If a particular recommendation strategy is not performing well, businesses can tweak their approach instantly to enhance user experience and improve outcomes.

Enhanced User Experience

Moreover, real-time analytics can have considerable positive effects on the user experience . By understanding customer behavior and preferences in real-time, businesses can tailor their recommendations to better meet customer needs, leading to increased satisfaction and retention.

Real-time analytics is not just about tracking numbers; it’s about understanding and responding to customer behavior as it happens, ensuring that your recommendation strategies are always optimized for the best possible results.


Choosing the right product recommendation app for your store can significantly enhance your customers’ shopping experience and boost your sales. By focusing on key features such as AI-powered recommendations, smart product bundles, trending product suggestions, various recommendation types, smart bundle discounts, unlimited customization, and A/B testing, you can ensure that the app you select will meet your business needs. Remember, the right app not only improves user experience but also drives conversions and increases customer satisfaction. Take the time to evaluate these features carefully to make an informed decision that will benefit your store in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are product recommendation apps?

Product recommendation apps are applications designed to suggest relevant products to customers based on various criteria such as buying history, browsing patterns, and interaction with the website.

Why is AI-powered recommendation important in a product recommendation app?

AI-powered recommendation is crucial because it automates the process of tracking shoppers’ behaviors, making it easier and more efficient to offer personalized product suggestions, thereby saving time and reducing the risk of burnout.

What is the benefit of smart product bundles?

Smart product bundles can increase sales by offering customers relevant upsell and cross-sell options. These bundles are designed based on customer preferences and buying behavior, making them more likely to result in additional purchases.

Trending products enhance the recommendation process by suggesting items that are currently popular among shoppers. This real-time data ensures that the recommendations are relevant and timely, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Why is unlimited customization important in a product recommendation app?

Unlimited customization allows you to tailor the recommendation rules and display settings to match your specific needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that the recommendations align perfectly with your brand and business goals.

What role does real-time analytics play in a product recommendation app?

Real-time analytics provide immediate insights into how well your recommendations are performing. This data helps you quickly identify what’s working and what’s not, enabling you to make informed adjustments to improve the effectiveness of your recommendation strategy.

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